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Riproduci video


Riproduci video


Each card has 4 cardinal points which correspond to a numerical value from 1 to 100.
By putting into play a card with a numerical value higher than that of the adjacent opponent’s card, the opponent’s card can be turned over.
The turned cards represent your points until the end of the game. In the end, whoever has the most cards wins.

The game is turn-based, each player has 3 cards in his hand, at the end of each turn he draws a new one from the deck.
A game consists of several rounds, best of 3 is won.
Cards used in previous rounds can no longer be put onto the battlefield.
Cards can be magical, the spell activates when the card is brought into play.
The Raccoons have a class to which they belong, the classes guarantee bonuses if used against related classes or malus if used against opposing classes.

It consists of 24 cards. They can be NFTs or part of the core set.
It can change before every game.
The strategy behind the use of the deck will be of fundamental importance for the outcome of the match which will be structured to the best of the 3 games. Using your best assets right away may not be the best strategy.


Player VS Player

The PvP mode will allow players to fight and measure their skills against opponents with brains and synapses, instead of battling against chips and transistors.

It is the mode that rewards you based on the games you win and that makes you rise in the weekly and monthly rankings

PvP Mode will be limited in a day in a fixed number of games for each account. In order to unlock more games you can burn RCNs token or use special items that allow more battle in a day.

Player VS Player


Hardcore Mode is the flagship of the Raccoon Fantasy game. You will be able to battle not only for the score in the game, but also for the possibility of “stealing” a card, and therefore an NFT, from your opponent’s deck. 
This mode allows players to level other game assets such as Magic spheres, or to fill the DNA Boosters.
But be careful! if you were to lose a card with Magic spheres equipped, all game assets related to the card would be lost.
Unlike simple PvP mode, the number of games in this mode will be unlimited. The only minimum necessary condition will be to have at least one NFT in your deck.

Player VS AI

PvE game is the classic system that novice players use to approach the game.
The peculiarity of Raccoon Fantasy will be that in our ecosystem, players will be able to participate in free rankings that will allow earning RCN tokens.
PvE will become the ideal environment for those who want to get familiar with the game and approach matches without wanting to invest money.


With the natural growth of the ecosystem, multiple competitions, tournaments, or special events will be organized to reward the best competitors in the game.
It will be possible to create a real catchment area for streamers and content creators related to the Raccoon Fantasy world.
The goal is to create a digital place, precisely a metaverse, where players can interact and participate to be the best.



The game cards are NFT owned by the player. As such they are unique and can be put on sale in the shop.

The cards have cardinal values: up, down, right, left.
A class to which it belongs.
One level of rarity.
A level of purity.
Slots that allow you to equip spells.

Magic Spheres

Magic sphere can be equipped and removed from a card before each game and define the card’s usable magic.
Magic sphere can level up by earning EXP in game.
Increasing the level of the magic sphere will increase the strength of the magic.
To gain EXP, Magic Orbs must be equipped on cards used in Ranked Matches.
If the card with the sphere inserted is lost, the magic sphere also passes to the opponent.

DNA Boosters

DNA Boosters are used to allow mergers of 2 NFTs with the same rarity level and have 3 upgrade levels

  • Yellow gives you a 5% chance to get a card of a higher rarity
  • Red gives you a 15% chance to get a card of a higher rarity
  • Black gives you a 33% chance to get a card of a higher rarity

DNA Boosters can be purchased in the shop, unlocked with the battlepass or won as mining rewards for land owners.




Based on the parts that make up our card, our raccoon will inherit a class. The classes have an advantage or disadvantage relationship with the other classes that determine a bonus / malus of 15% on the values ​​of the cardinal points.


Cardinal points

The values ​​of the cards will be expressed in cents and, as already mentioned before, will give a strength value to each side of the card.
The basic concept is that the card to be played is the attacker while the card already played is the defender.
If a side is placed near an enemy card with a lower score, the latter will be turned over.
If a side is placed next to an enemy card with a higher score, no cards will be turned over.
If a side is placed next to an enemy card with an equivalent score, no cards will be turned over.
In the event that more than one side comes into contact with a defending card, there is no limit to the number of cards that can be turned over. In the lucky case that the card is placed between 4 enemy cards, all with lower scores, the cards turned will be 4.


Rarity level

Each minted NFT, regardless of the category it belongs to, will have a degree of rarity (declared in the future white paper according to a simple probability algorithm) which will also determine its total strengths. Also the degree of rarity will determine
the number of usable spells



The NFT creation algorithm will take all the parts of the original characters (villain, heroine, monster, hero and wingman) and mix them randomly to create all the other cards.
In the lucky case that an NFT is composed exclusively of the parts of an original character, the cardinal points will suffer a + 5% bonus.

Prove to be the number one!