Everything is an NFT NFT


The game cards are NFT owned by the player. As such they are unique and can be put on sale in the shop.

The cards have cardinal values: up, down, right, left.
A class to which it belongs.
One level of rarity.
A level of purity.
Slots that allow you to equip spells.

Magic Spheres

Magic sphere can be equipped and removed from a card before each game and define the card’s usable magic.
Magic sphere can level up by earning EXP in game.
Increasing the level of the magic sphere will increase the strength of the magic.
To gain EXP, Magic Orbs must be equipped on cards used in Ranked Matches.
If the card with the sphere inserted is lost, the magic sphere also passes to the opponent.

DNA Boosters

DNA Boosters are used to allow mergers of 2 NFTs with the same rarity level and have 3 upgrade levels

  • Yellow gives you a 5% chance to get a card of a higher rarity
  • Red gives you a 15% chance to get a card of a higher rarity
  • Black gives you a 33% chance to get a card of a higher rarity

DNA Boosters can be purchased in the shop, unlocked with the battlepass or won as mining rewards for land owners.


Each land has a defined maximum Raccoon capacity.

Raccoons placed on your grounds cannot be used in game decks, as they are engaged in mining RCN.

In the lands you will be able to meet and interact with other players in the future and they will be the beginning of the Raccoon Fantasy metaverse.

Lands can be purchased in ETH or USD.

The lands are plots of land based on NFT technology and can be sold on the marketplace.


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